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How does the OPSRC help?

The OPSRC stands ready to help get your personalized learning program off the ground! Here are the very specific ways we help you get Momentum going in your school or district:

  • We help you navigate the landscape to find what model works for you. We've already started implementing here in Oklahoma and we have experts ready to talk you through what this will/should look like in your district.
  • We have people who can help you with the nuts and bolts of how it actually works. What does this look like financially? How do I handle staffing? 
  • We make sure you get to visit effective models and see them in action for yourself.
  • We train your teachers so that they're ready to go! This is quite the departure from what teaching looks like in the traditional classroom and we want to make sure that your teachers are prepared and ready to tackle personalized learning.
  • We have implementation guides and checklists that will help you as you roll out your program
  • We have a communication and messaging plan so that you can effectively talk to your parents, students, teachers, and community about what personalized learning will do for your school and community.
  • There's a technology piece to personalized learning. Whether it's an LMS, devices, or infrastructure - we're here to make sure you're ready to go!

Those are just a few of the ways that we help. Even better? We don't charge schools to be a part of Momentum Schools! Ready to get started?

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