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This model allows students to choose the time in which they fulfill their daily seat requirement. Additionally, students may choose how much time they spend completing assignments. Once a concept has been mastered, they may move forward.


Students choose their path or courses. For example, if a student is a basketball player, he or she can choose to take reading-intensive courses either before or after basketball season.


Students choose the pace at which they complete assignments, courses and credits. This follows the competency-based education model. A teacher mentor monitors students’ progress on a weekly basis to ensure they are on pace.


Students choose the environment or classroom in which to take their digital classes that best suit their needs. Teachers may schedule class meetings throughout the day/week for small group sessions.

Time, path, pace and place are great, but
there's more than one model that works.
Design your model with your district in mind!



There are currently no Momentum trainings or events on the calendar, but we'll be adding more very soon.

Until then, you can view our implementation guide, see our OPSRC trainings, or contact us for more information.
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During the Exploration phase, leaders form a team to investigate the possibilities of competency-based education systems, and they ask deep questions of those who would be most affected by this change.


The second phase of this process should be approached with a design team. You will build your team, consider design elements, choose your model, make a decision and prototype on a small scale.


During the launch phase, you get to act on your design. You spent time designing a model that is right for your district, and now you can implement! Always build in feedback loops so you can improve over time.

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